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Section 2: Staff Document Library
Section 2: Staff Document Library

Adding documents to and editing documents in the document library

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In the Providers & Staff section of Settings, you will find 4 tabs:

  1. Provider Library

  2. Staff Library

  3. Provider Packets

  4. Staff Packets

Provider & Staff Libraries

Each of these tabs will store any documents that have been created for providers or staff. You can add, edit, or delete any document types in RFX on this page.

Things to Know: Provider documents will only be available in Provider Credentialing and staff documents will only be available in Staff Management.

Add/Edit Documents

When adding or editing a document, you will have several options to customize this document to your needs.

  1. User Type – Staff or Provider

  2. Document Tab – documents are organized into tabs on the staff record. See Section 4: Staff Tabs for more details.

  3. Attachment – any document uploaded here will automatically be attached to any document request sent to a staff member.

  4. Document Name

  5. Workflow - adds specific functionality to a document

  6. Document Fields

  7. Document Version Control

Example: You can upload an empty application as an attachment to a document named Application. From there you can request an ‘Application’ document from a staff member and the empty application will be attached to the request. They can fill out the application and upload it back to you for approval.

Document Fields

RFX provides you with a list of fields that you can collect anytime you add this document to a staff member.

  1. Effective Date

  2. Expiration Date – this date is what is tracked in this system for notifications around document expiration

  3. Next Due Date

  4. Verified Date

  5. Original Date of Issuance

  6. License Number – a text field to collect license information

  7. State – a dropdown list of states will be available to choose from

Things to Know: If you want to be notified when a document is expiring or expired, be sure to check Collect Expiration Date and collect this information when adding documents.

Document Version Control

You can control when documents are actively available in the document lists by setting the Active and Inactive dates. If you leave these blank, they will always be available.

Example: You may want to set up your Flu Vaccine document for the upcoming year. You can set your current Flu Vaccine document to become Inactive on a certain date and set the new one to activate on the same date. The new document will automatically show up in your document lists on that date.

Provider & Staff Packets

Packets are used to group several documents together that can be collected as an entire set. Packets can be sent out individually or used for checklists in the privileging process.

You can also set up a packet that will be applicable to all providers or staff and additional packets that are tailored to an individual role. When you send out packets, RFX will combine the all providers or staff packets with the packet assigned to the individual’s current role.

Example: You can set up your master list of documents under the All Staff packet with common types of documents like an application, CV, etc. You can then set up a list for Nurse that may have different education requirements and certifications.

For more information on how to utilize staff packets, see Section 7: Staff Checklist.

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