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Section 3: Adding Staff
Section 3: Adding Staff

How to a add a staff member

Written by Derek Grape
Updated over a week ago

On the Staff Management dashboard, you can add staff one of two ways:

  1. Add Staff – single data entry for adding individual staff members

  2. Import – allows CSV import of a list of staff. Once you upload your csv, you can map specific staff fields with columns in the csv.

Add/Edit Staff

The add/edit staff dialog provides you with 3 tabs for entering staff data.

  1. Demographics – general staff information

  2. Additional Information – role, department, and specialty

  3. Emergency Contact

Things to Know: Make sure you enter the correct email address for the staff member. This will be used to send them document requests. This will also be the email they will need to use when creating an RFX account to upload documents.

The role you select on the Additional Information tab will drive the packets that are generated for this staff member.

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