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Section 4: Staff Tabs
Section 4: Staff Tabs

Managing staff member documents and information

Written by Derek Grape
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On the Staff Management dashboard, you can click the details icon to view the staff details. You can also run your mouse over the info icon to get a quick glance at the staff member details. This will allow you to view important information quickly, without the need to navigate to another screen.

You can navigate to the staff details page by either clicking the details icon shown above, or by clicking View Staff Details on the Actions menu in the grid.

At Risk

If the staff is at risk, you will see a large orange warning box at the top of the Details tab on the staff details screen. This warning box will tell you what items require your attention.

Currently, the staff will be flagged as at risk if:

  1. Any documents have expired


The staff details screen is composed of several tabs

  1. Profile

    • General information about the staff member, sanctions monitoring, role, emergency contact etc.

  2. Pending

    • Any document requests or packet requests will be available here. For more information, see Section 6: Requesting Documents and Section 7: Provider Packets

  3. Document tabs

    • When you create documents in the document library, you are also creating tabs that house those documents. These tabs show up here and will list any documents you have uploaded for this staff member.

    • Archived documents are also available for viewing in each of the tabs. They are collapsed by default but can be viewed by expanding the archived document name.

The document tabs all have side by side document viewing so you can quickly view the PDF documents that you have uploaded.

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