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Section 5: Adding Documents
Section 5: Adding Documents

Adding documents to a staff member

Written by Derek Grape
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You can upload documents to a staff member in two different areas.

  1. The staff management dashboard under the Actions menu for the staff

  2. In the staff details screen under the Actions menu

Uploading a PDF

You can either drag and drop a PDF into the upload section or click the blue link to manually select the PDF from your laptop or PC.

Once you upload a document, you will be presented with a side-by-side viewer for reference while entering the necessary information.

Things to Know: PDF uploads are not required for documents to be added to the staff record.


The type lists all your active documents from your document library. These are organized by tab, and you can type ahead to quickly filter the list.

Once you select a type, a list of fields will be presented, based on how the document was originally set up. Any date fields can be entered with your keyboard or using the calendar control.

Archived Document

You can archive any document added to the staff member. This will prevent RFX from monitoring expiration dates and should be used to maintain historical records.

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