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Section 6: Requesting Documents
Section 6: Requesting Documents

Requesting documents from staff members

Written by Derek Grape
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You can request documents from providers or staff using RFX. The request will be emailed to the email address assigned to the provider or staff member, they can then login using the link provided in the email.

Staff will need to create their own account inside RFX in order to upload the requested document.

Things to Know: Make sure staff members are using the same email that you used when they create their accounts. If they use a different email address, they will not see your request.

File Attachment

If you set up your document with an Attachment, this file will be available to the provider when they upload their document. It will also be attached to the email sent to them.

Document Approval

When a provider uploads their document, you will be notified via email. Their uploaded document will be attached to the email for reference.

Inside of RFX, you can approve or reject this document. Pending approvals will show up in one of 2 places:

  1. The notification panel accessed by clicking the bell at the top right of the application

  2. The Pending tab under the main staff dashboard

If you choose to reject the document, you will need to add comments back to the provider. Optionally you can attach another document to be sent back to them.

Example: You sent a document request to the provider, but the document they sent back is expired. You can reject this document and let them know they need to send the updated version.

If you reject a document, the process starts over and functions like it did when you originally sent the document.

If you approve the document, then it will automatically be attached to the provider and can be viewed under the appropriate tab in the provider details screen.

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