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Section 7: Staff Checklist
Section 7: Staff Checklist

Building the staff checklist and sending document requests

Written by Derek Grape
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You can create a staff checklist in two different areas.

  1. The staff management dashboard under the Actions menu for the staff member

  2. In the staff details screen under the Actions menu

Creating the Checklist

When creating a checklist for a staff member, you will be prompted with a dialog that lets you add packets to the checklist. If you set up packets in your document library, then a packet will be pre-built for you based on the role of the staff member.

Things to Know: Packets are pre-built by combining the All Staff packet with the packet assigned to the specific role of the staff member.

You can add additional documents to the packet. You can also reorder the packet by using drag-and-drop of the different rows in the table.

The packet table has several columns with important information.

  1. Tab Name

  2. Document

  3. Attachment – if you set up an attachment in the document library, it will be referenced here

  4. Existing Document – If this document currently exists on the staff record, you will see a blue Download link, otherwise you will see No.

  5. Responsibility – this is who will get the request

  6. Action – Collect New, Keep Existing (if there is an existing document), and Send Request

  7. Collect New – If you have an existing document, you can opt out of collecting a new document. If you uncheck this box, the existing document will be included in the packet for reference.

Once your checklist has been created, you can send it to the staff member to be completed. A work item will be added to the In Progress tab on the staff details.

Things to Know: The staff member will receive one singular email when you send a packet. If you send a packet with 10 items, they will receive one email but will need to upload 10 different documents.

In Progress Work Item

Once you send a packet to staff, you can manage that packet in the In Progress tab on the staff details page. The card will display the % of items completed (uploaded and approved) for reference. Clicking Take Action will pull up the staff packet dialog.

Each document is managed independently. Think of a packet as a bunch of individual document requests, just bundled up into one location.

For more information on the individual interaction of document requests, see Section 6: Requesting Documents.

Documents in a packet can have one of these statuses:

  1. Requested – waiting for upload

  2. Uploaded, Pending Approval

  3. Approved

Things to Know: Packet Completion % is calculated based on the number of approved documents inside of the packet.

Manual Upload

Items in a packet can either be uploaded by the staff member or uploaded by someone at the facility. If you have the document available, you can click Manual Upload and select the PDF from your laptop or PC.

Things to Know: Documents that are manually uploaded must also be approved just as if the staff member uploaded them.

Uploaded, Pending Approval

Documents in the packet that have been uploaded will need to be approved. In the packet dialog, you can click the link for Take Action next to any of these items. This will bring up the approval dialog for the individual document.

Complete Packet

Once you deem the packet ready for completion, you can click the Complete Packet button. This will mark the packet as completed and move the documents into the appropriate tabs.

Things to Know: Only documents that are approved in the packet will move into tabs upon completion. Make sure you approve all the documents uploaded.

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