Section 8: Filtering
Written by Derek Grape
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The staff management dashboard gives you several filtering options to help you quickly find what you are looking for.

Header Cards

The header at the top of the provider credentialing dashboard gives you a quick glance of the following things:

  1. Total number of active staff in the system

  2. Monitoring alerts

  3. All staff with documents expiring:

  4. Expired now

  5. Next 30 days

  6. 31-90 days

You can click the View link on these cards to filter the providers grid. A filter box will show up above the grid. To clear the filter, click the X that shows up in the blue box.


RFX organizes your staff into 3 tabs.

  1. Active staff

  2. Pending – shows all providers with active work items assigned to it

  3. Inactive – all providers that were marked as inactive


RFX provides you with a quick search box at the top of the providers grid. Similar to the filter boxes, you will need to click the X icon to clear the search.

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