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Section 11: Exporting Data
Section 11: Exporting Data
Written by Derek Grape
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RFX provides you with several different Excel exports that you can use to analyze your staff. The Export button can be found at the top right of the staff management dashboard page.

Staff Documents Export

This export will contain all providers and a row for every document they have:

  1. Name, Email, Role information

  2. Document Type

  3. Effective and Expiration dates

  4. Description

  5. License Information

  6. Archived yes or no

Missing Documents Report

This export will look at every active staff member and determine any missing documents using the following process:

  1. Build a packet based on their role and All Provider packet

  2. Look at active documents in all tabs

  3. Look at documents inside of checklists that are currently in progress

  4. Cross reference the packet with all documents from #2 and #3 to determine what is missing or what is expired.

The resulting file will have the following data:

  1. Provider Name

  2. Role

  3. Document Name

  4. Status – Missing or Expired

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